Hurrah for Woman Suffrage!

Songs from the
American Woman Suffrage Movement 1848-1920
By the Homespun Singers

Forty-minute Music CD with booklet, song sheet, and Work Study Questions at

The music CD is accompanied by a booklet with song sheet, which provides the lyrics of the Suffrage songs for a sing-along as well as a brief history of the songs and their relationship to the history of Woman Suffrage. These songs are an excellent tool for teachers at all levels - a history lesson and a feminist critique for involving both the casual listener and the serious student. Also included is a Classroom Work Study sheet with stimulating study questions.

Titles of Songs
Hurrah for Woman Suffrage!
Foremother's Hymn
Kansas Suffrage Song
Rally for the Right
God Speed the Right
Woman Suffrage Jubilee
The Woman's Cause Is Right
The Taxation Tyranny
Rally for the Right
Vote It Right Along
Keep Woman in Her Sphere
Uncle Sam's Daughter
Winning the Vote
Yankee Doodle Revised
I Am a Suffragette
Weak Little Woman
The Near By and By

For additional information and recordings of feminist music, see the rich website of Gerri Gribi at


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